Your mitochondria are the power house of your cells. They look like the jelly bean pictured above.. but you don’t eat them! You need mitochondria to create energy. In the biology world, energy is called ATP. (Stick with me here.. this is important.) ATP fuels all body processes. Simply put, if you did not have ATP.. you would not be living.

As we age, ATP production decreases. This is partly due to a decrease in NAD. NAD,  or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (I sounded smart there didn’t I), is needed to fuel ALL cells. As we age, get ill, encounter stressful situations, NAD production diminishes. So we see little kids, without a care in the world, running around like fools.. but the parents, full of stress and worry.. can’t seem to keep up. Sound familiar?

So how do I fix this? There are a few ways you can attack this problem. Chronic fatigue can be from many things. It could be a hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of nutrients, plenty of other medical ailments or it could just be from a lack of sleep. However, if it is due to a lack of ATP production, NAD injections, a healthier diet, and proper quality medical grade supplements can all assist in getting your body back in balance like it needs to be to be able to function properly. When I mean function properly, I mean on a cellular level. Fixing your cellular health will inadvertently fix outward symptoms which are a result of unhealthy cells, such as lack of energy and concentration.

There are supplements that consist of NAC, NMN, Niacin and other important micronutrients that your body needs and craves. Aqua Restore and it’s associates can help guide you as to what it is you need to address these inconsistencies in cellular health. Call or email us today to see how we can help you.