IV Infusions

Beauty bag

This IV helps bring out your inner and outer beauty by treating from the inside, to support the outside. It supports hair, skin, and nail health leaving  you glowing and revitalized. It also assists in weight loss, and better sleep. This IV is great before events helping you to feel refreshed and energized so you can perform your best.


Chelation has been scientifically proven to rid the body of excess or toxic metals. This IV has been shown to help with brain fog, chronic fatigue, and cardiovascular health. Using ETDA via the IV route is the most effective way at removing these toxic metals as it bypasses the digestive track. At Aqua Restore, we use Calcium EDTA, which is a safer form as opposed to the older version, disodium EDTA. This IV price includes a urine toxic metal screen that will give you a breakdown of all the metals extracted from your body, where you could have been in contact with them, and how you can avoid them in the future. See frequently asked questions for more information on chelation.

Energy boost

Need I say more? Who doesn’t need a little more energy? This IV also gives immune support, fights fatigue, and aids in cellular repair. Ask about our energy package which couples this IV with NAD, a micronutrient that is essential to the body for healthy mitochondrial energy production.

Gut health

This IV helps with malabsorption from the gut by bypassing your normal digestive enzymes and processes and sends nutrients straight to the blood stream. This IV is great for supplementing certain diets that may leave your body depleted of proper nutrients leaving you with a lack of energy.  It supports wound healing, energy production, immunity support, and helps to fight stress induced cold sores.


This IV helps you bounce back faster so you can get back to life. It helps to rehydrate, replenish lost nutrients, and may suppress nausea. It cam also help those who suffer from migraines by supplying your body with magnesium, vitamin C, B12, and B complex.


This is the most basic IV for anyone who is a little apprehensive about the IV therapy world.

Muscle Reconstruction

Working out can create small microtears in your muscles, can leave you with excess oxidative stress which causes internal damage and can leave you fatigued. This IV boosts essential proteins and amino acids so your body can heal more efficiently and faster.


NAD is a powerful coenzyme used in your body for metabolism. This agent is used for many different purposes. Its use can vary from improving cardiac function, anti-aging, improving brain function and helps to fight potential cancer cells from forming. NAD is a naturally occurring substance in your body that depletes as you age, as stress is increased, and as we are exposed to viruses. NAD feeds the energy producing powerhouse cells in your body to help your internal framework function better starting at a cellular level.

Pain and inflammation

This IV is full of antioxidants to help protect the brain and vital internal organs. The ingredients are tailored to help your body deal with pain and inflammation naturally with ALA and magnesium. A push of glutathione is then added to remove the toxins and radical stress naturally created by the body in times of strain, tension, and tightness .

Stress reduction

Studies show that a decrease in magnesium is related to an increase in stress levels. Magnesium is a natural cation in the body and is necessary for many biochemical reactions. This IV is a great natural way to calm your nerves, help you sleep and hydrate you all in one sitting.

Immunity Booster

In today’s world, we are all looking for a boost in our virus and bacterial fighting capabilities. This IV combination can be used for prevention before a known large event to keep your immune system strong or it can be helpful to boost your body’s defenses to fight an active infection supporting decreased symptoms and severity.

Weight loss Bag

This cocktail of ingredients includes the necessary amino acids, B vitamins and minerals to help your body mobilize fat. It also has a touch of vitamin C to help your skin glow and boost your immune system. Ask about our weight loss programs that couples this IV with our Lipo-Plus injection and can be either 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks of treatments.

High dose Vitamin C

This infusion can be used to help your body fight an active infection or to help your body to fight the return of cancer. Vitamin C given in high doses only available via the IV route, turn Vitamin C’s antioxidative properties into oxidative. Simply said, it helps the body create hydrogen peroxide which is damaging to cancer cells but not to normal cells. Note: Prior blood work needs to be done in office before receiving this.

Fly and Travel Super Boost

This IV can help to boost your body’s immune defenses while in densely populated conditions. It is best given 72hrs before take off and within 72 hours after flight completion to help neutralize free radicals associated with flying.

Post Viral (Covid or the Flu)

Post viral syndrome falls under a broader catorgory known as encephalomyelitis.chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). It is a condition that occurs after a viral infection such as Covid-19, the flu, or with other viral states such as Lyme Disease, or Epstein-Barr Virus.

Post viral syndrome can show symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, exhaustion, decreased physical stamina, increased muscle or joint pain. The exact etiology is unknown, and there is currently no treatment for this condition. This IV helps to alleviate the symptoms based on the etiology of a persistant chronic state of inflammation with excess oxidative stress, also known as free radicals. NAD can be added to this infusion to help combat mitochondrial degredation assisting in energy production.

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Extra’s add Ons and booster shots Available
Vitamin Add-Ons for IV Infusions
L -Arginine
L -Carnitine
Sodium Selenite
NAC (Acetylcysteine)
Additional Glutathione
Additional vitamin C
Booster Shots (IM Shots)
Vitamin B12*
Vitamin D*
Vitamin C
B complex
Lipo B
CoQ 10