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Why IV?

IV infusions help to boost your immune system which in turn can help you fight the common flu, covid, or keep you healthy on airplane trips.

IV bypasses depleted absorption from normal digestive processes. IV infusion absorption rate is 90-100% as opposed to the oral rate of 20-50% on average. (Absorption rate depends on the dosage and type of supplements being taken).

IV therapy can help to hydrate you fast.

IV therapy can help you recover faster from the common hangover by lessening headaches, dipsia (thirst) and rid your body of excess toxins.

IV therapy replenishes your body with needed vitamins and minerals that can help your skin glow for big events like a weddings.

IV infusions help your body to heal itself, starting from the cellular level, the basic unit of life.

At Aqua Restore, IV infusions can be done no matter where you are. We can come to your home or work.

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Currently Serving Clients By Appointment Only