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Ozone therapy is an exceptional treatment that supports and encourages your body to heal. It can be used to support health and help assist patients who may have chronic illnesses or infections.

What is Ozone Treatment

Ozone treatment is the process of putting ozone gas in the body. This is usually to help heal an illness or a wound.

Ozone therapy is designed to help heal, especially illnesses and medical conditions. This is done by administering 3 parts oxygen into the bloodstream. In turn, this helps to boost the immune system making it more capable of fighting infections.

Medical Ozone has been around for over 10 decades. It has been used to disinfect medical equipment and supplies.

When used in the healing process, ozone can increase red blood cells and protein in the body’s system. Ozone helps to increase oxygen in the body, making it function at the top peak. Ozone is known to help stop and eliminate negative entities and processes inside the body.

This includes the following 5 commonly occurring issues:






As research continues to find more evidence of ozone and its healing powers, this treatment has improved some conditions.

The 4 Main Health Conditions Ozone Helps Treat

1. Breathing Problems and Conditions

The lungs are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen is crucial for our body to do even the simplest of functions. The cells in the body need sufficient oxygen to perform and develop properly.

By increasing the body’s oxygen, many breathing problems can subside and be treated. When the lungs struggle to function, less oxygenated blood will flow through the system. This means that many parts and aspects of the body will be starved, and severe health concerns can arise.

2. Treatment for COPD

For those suffering from COPD, ozone therapy can help treat and fight the condition, even in long-time smokers. In many patients, their quality of life and their ability to properly exercise improved.

Ozone is often injected into the system, as breathing it in may irritate the lungs. Thankfully it is a simple and comfortable process. After many ongoing studies, introducing ozone into the body has been a safe practice.

3. Can Aid in the Relief of Diabetes

Although Ozone therapy cannot cure diabetes, this does not mean it does not act as an effective form of relief. Those who suffer from complications related to diabetes have said that getting Ozone treatment has dramatically improved their everyday life.

Oxidative stress in the body due to diabetes can be improved by receiving proper Ozone therapy. Ozone therapy has been known to help activate the antioxidant and immune systems in the body and aid in decreasing the discomfort and severity of inflammation.

Ozone therapy has also been proven to help close and heal wounds caused by diabetes, such as ulcers. The risk of developing infections is also significantly reduced when getting ozone treatment.

People with diabetes are known to be slow healers; ozone therapy can be the perfect boost and healing agent needed to combat diabetic-related issues, whether inside or outside the body.

4. Compromised Immune System

Ozone therapy has been known to help gravely improve immunity issues by stimulating the immune system. Immune system conditions such as HIV have been proven to be relieved with ozone treatment.

Injecting a solution of blood and ozone into the body can help lessen the viral load and viruses. In HIV patients, it’s shown that over 2 years, the viral load was significantly decreased.

Ozones’ ability to help improve oxygen levels and lessen viral issues can help improve long-term health in people suffering from medical conditions and anyone needing a vitality boost.

Used for Anti-Aging Purposes

Ozone therapy has also been used for anti-aging purposes.

It can be utilized for many reasons including:

Being used to treat cancer. Ozone is said to be anti-neoplastic.

It can help support an increase in ATP production, leading to an increase in energy.

It is effective in Killing bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses in bodies and surfaces.

It can help make red blood cells more elastic, increasing circulation.

It’s known to help your body Increase its effectiveness in protein synthesis.

It can help up-regulate antioxidant responses.

Increases the effectiveness of the body’s immune system.

It can help improve mitochondrial (the powerhouse of the cell) function and productivity.

Increases the production of white blood cells (part of the body’s defense system).

It can Spark an increase in levels of interferons, which play a significant role in your immune defenses.

Helps the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor, a protein necessary for infection resistance.

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The Three Main Forms of Ozone Therapy

There are 3 forms of ozone treatment to choose from. If you are having difficulty deciding which will best fit you and your needs, feel free to ask your practitioner for some advice.

Here are the primary 3 forms of treatment to choose from when considering ozone therapy:


Straight into the body’s tissue


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Preparing for an Ozone Therapy Session

There are a couple of ways that ozone therapy can be given. Major autohemotherapy, which includes blood being drawn and mixed with ozone gas, then reinfused or Infused Ozonated saline. Both yield the same results. At Aqua Restore, we choose the latter. Ozonating saline with pure medical grade ozone made from pure medical grade oxygen is the safest way possible. Major autohemotherapy requires the use of heparin, a commonly used blood thinner. Not only does ozonated saline avoid this but you receive the benefit of hydration from receiving a bag of intravenous fluids.

There is not much preparation that needs to be done prior to receiving ozonated saline. Speaking to our office first and filling out our questionnaire will suffice. If more information is needed it will be requested upon booking an appointment.

Remember to drink plenty of water and liquids prior, during and after any infusion to help flush out toxins being extracted. Some patients report eating a healthy sufficient meal prior to the appointment is beneficial, yet not required.

Ozone IV for More Oxygen and Revitalisation…

Please note that ozone therapy does not cure health conditions, but it assists the body through better oxygen utilization to begin to heal itself. It is used with many other approaches in traditional and functional medicine.