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Up to six cooling plates are placed on the chosen body areas and fixed with a stretch band. Differently formed plates guarantee a close skin contact on every body part. Afterwards the cooling and muscle stimulation programs are selected and adapted to your specific needs. Then it gets time to start your application. The plates cool down and keep their temperature constant for the next 45-60 minutes. During this time, you can relax, sleep, listen to music, or read.

Unlike other machines, with CryoEMS, there is no sucking of fat, no harsh painful massages, and no hard lumpy areas post treatment. This technology of cryolipolysis coupled with EMS and light therapy leaves your skin smooth, tightened and sculpted.


Instead of using simple cooling plates, one can also exploit the benefits of a hands-on cryo session, in which the cold is directly massaged into the respective body area. This has the advantage of providing a more intense cryo experience, making face treatments possible, and enabling in a more precise and efficient cryo application.


All applicators also have EMS adapters installed. Cryolipolysis and EMS (electro muscle stimulation) run simultaneously in each handpiece and complement each other perfectly. EMS enables a parallel stimulation of the muscles and the tissue. The advantage: EMS promotes the process of the cooling application and improves the results.

Cryolipolysis is used for:

Fat reduction

Tissue tightening

Body shaping

Skin enhancing

Figure improvement



Cryotherapy can be used for pain relief. It can help with:




Frozen shoulder

Rheumatic pain

Ankle sprain

Groin pull

Hamstring strain

Knee injury

Tennis elbow

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Still skeptical? Here are some public research articles…   Cryolipolysis-induced abdominal fat change: Split-body trials  Cryolipolysis for noninvasive body contouring: clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction  Feasibility Study of Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation and Cryolipolysis for Abdominal Contouring  Safety and efficacy of cryolipolysis for non-invasive reduction of submental fat Whole-BodyCryotherapyIsanEffectiveMethodof ReducingAbdominalObesityinMenopausalWomen withMetabolicSyndrome